Some freelance work for Waterfall. A campaign encouraging young people to speak up and voice their opinion on climate change.

Print for schools

Targeting the audience where they spend most of their time. Encouraging them to use the #bethechange to submit their opinion for the 'big idea'.

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The big idea

Creating a montage from the videos submitted by the young people using the #bethechange, Youth will project the video onto the Houses of Parliament. This will make sure law makers are hearing from those who's future's are being affected, yet also those who don't have the right to vote yet

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"Climate change is no joke, I want my future to be green"

"Why let fast fashion fill our lands?"

"Single use plastic shouldn't be acceptable anymore"

The target

Lord Callanan was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on 14 February 2020. He is in charge of how to Country responds to climate change, so far he has done nothing.


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Making the camera see mass flooding, wildfires, and pollution